Welcome to your safe space to learn to better speak and write in French. Ranging from online classes, communication services to vocabulary cards and practice books , you’ll find something for you. The goal? Empowering you to feel more confident when speaking French, and overcome the language barrier to tap into your potential. Maybe that means a new job opportunity?

Learn in Private Classes

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Book a one-on-one private French class to accelerate your learning and have the class 100% tailored to you.

Whether for everyday vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, or syntax, it’s tailored to your objective.

Join the Live Group Classes

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For a more budget-friendly option, join a live online class where you’ll learn French alongside fellow students.

Winter 2022 semester:

Shop French Resources

Send a message to get the workbook.

Find practice exercise books and additional French resources so you can further improve and practice your French.

Current Product Highlight: French Crossword Puzzles Exercise Book

I highly recommend her.

Nina – former student

She has a personalized and interactive teaching style

Raafia – current student

“I really enjoyed having Nancy as a tutor. She helped me edit several essays and she was extremely thorough in her corrections and would always explain why each edit was made if it was unclear. I highly recommend her.” [university student]

“I have been taking French classes from Nancy for a few weeks now, and she is a wonderful teacher. She has a personalized and interactive teaching style. For example, she will mime out unfamiliar words or make you guess new words hangman-style. Overall, she has a really fun way of teaching!”


Obsessed with languages and even more with helping others open up to their potential, Nancy started teaching others the power of words and proper communication. She continuously learns a new language to still feel what her students feel. The purpose? Remove the language barrier and allow people to get the jobs they deserve.


Whether it is to book a class, to have more information about the French and Communication Services, or for any other inquiry, leave your contact information below and I will get back to you within 2 business days.

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