4 Weird Signs of Stress

So I don’t know about you, but I often say, “Don’t worry, I’m not stressed” when… well, I actually am. And thank God my friends know me well enough to stop me and say,

“Nancy, calm down.”

Stress is like our dear little friend that is always there but that no one really wants. The one creeping around us all the time. Like, go away, bad stress!

Stress affects us in our everyday life – obviously – and can also stop us from truly enjoying what’s happening, or from doing the best that we can. But first things first, members of the PhamTribe, we need to know that we’re stressed out in the 1st place.

light bulb on white background

So, when my brain doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that I am indeed stressed, my body takes over and sends me pretty weird signals. Maybe you’ve experienced the same? Don’t worry about it, we’re on the same boat. And let me tell you that I’ve tried multiple ways to solve this!

So here are my 4 weird signs of stress.

1. My face becomes as dry as a desert.

It’s sad how much I could pass for a crocodile those days. My skin literally separates and cracks like crocodile skin. It’s mostly around the jawline and the chin. But it like spreads out like the pest all the way down to my neck!


Drink way too many bottles of water. Really. I tried using even the thickest cream in the world and my skin managed to absorb it – YAY – and to release it in the air in 2 seconds. UGH. Yet don’t forget to exfoliate! Whichever exfoliant you are used to. I personally really like the Clean&Clear exfoliating scrub. It feels so good and as well, it helps for my dry skin. As for my lips – who dry up as well – I’ve recently found the Revlon Kiss exfoliating balm. It even comes with a lip balm! Cute & practical, I like that. 🙂 When I see the desert coming out, I mix drinking litres of water and exfoliating everyday. We gotta do what we gotta do!

Asian girl with Clean&Clear product

2. My face becomes colourless.

I become as white as a ghost. But I am not even sick! Or maybe yeah, I could be sick. Is being really stressed being sick? Hmm. Anyway. No lip color, no warmth in my face. Just blank.


Thank you, make-up! No, for real, there’s not much that I found that I can do. Most of the time, I put lipstick on or do like a couple jumping jacks just to bring some colour back to my cheeks. The quickest way was the lipstick, so… Thank you, Berry Burst Lip Balm.It’s crazy how our lip colour changes our whole face. Now, I can smile again without worry!

Revlon Lip Duo on a desk

3. #2 Was a lie. The bags under my eyes become even darker.

I look like a zombie on such days. And even if I was able to sleep like 10 hours, which is pretty much a feast these days, with our busy lives! They become like a deep violet. A wonderful shade for a cat eye, but not when they’re under your eyes…


Even more sleep. And a face mask. Or even more targeted, an eye mask. And even better, A GOLD EYE MASK! Wow, I thought those only existed in movies, like in The Golden Mask, but no! When I first tried Flawless by Friday, I indeed felt like gold right after. 😉 But really, eye masks for a real fix, and sometimes completed with concealer.

Asian girl with golden eye mask

4. My joints hurt as if I was a grandma. 

My knees hurt; my elbows hurt; my back hurts. They crack all the time, they block and are in the way of my daily life. It’s distracting me from like even sitting down and typing at a computer. Imagine when I’m going to be older, when I will actually have arthritis!

Asian cartoon of menopause effect


I give myself massages. Or I ask my friends to help me. Why not reunite with some friends while we’re at it? It’ll also help relieve the stress just by being with them. And it can always become funny at some point, with those massage chains! OR, there is also the option of taking a nice bath – or shower for those, like me, who prefer it – to rejuvenate. Like with a nice refreshing soap, the one you always keep to treat yourself, you know? I’ve discovered one recently, by Being by Sanctuary. It’s so fun taking a shower with their shower burst as it’s so foamy! It instantly makes me relax more. You should try it!

Being by Sanctuary Spa 3 spots of foam on arm

All in all, I become like a crocodile, a ghost, a zombie and a grandma when I am stressed out. Not so bad for warning signs that I am indeed stressed and may need to take a moment to myself to relax. I’m sure there are other signs but I’ve found fixes so far to those ones. On top of that, water and sleep are the best remedies.

What about the weird signs that your body sends you? What do you do then?

Obviously, the best way would not to be stressed. But that is another story. Knowing that we are stressed is already a good thing so that we can now focus on how to be relived of the tension to be our true selves, right? So, see you next time, on another post within the PhamTribe!


Just to let you know, I received these products free from Influenster for testing purposes. And they came at the right time as I was looking for new solutions to my problems!


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