Mother’s Day Special!

So, I’ve realized recently that Mother’s Day was actually not celebrated on the same date throughout the world. In certain countries in Europe, it was last weekend, on May 6th. In the UK, it was even 2 months earlier, on March 11th! And here, in North America, it’s today YAY!

That actually made me freak out a bit because I hadn’t thought of something for my mom, yet I had one extra week for it. Fiou. I’ll get back to what I prepared for her later.

Some dates are determined with a religious significance; while others, a historical one.

Yet even the origins of the celebration are fuzzy. It may be related to the Ancient Greek celebration, or rather to the Civil War. Sources are not really sure.

Read more about it here.

What’s important though, is that we are taking an extra day per year to thank our mom and the moms out there who work hard every single day in the background. I am not a mom – and I really don’t think that I’ll be ready to be one anytime soon! They are doing so much for us that we don’t even think of, so props to them!

Asian mom smiling
My adorable mom ❤

I don’t know for you, but my sister and I always struggle to find something nice for our mom. She taught us so many things and sacrificed a lot for us. She may not have understood us most of the time, since we grew up here rather than in Vietnam like she did. But she tried to do so all the time. One thing she always says is

We may choose our friends but not our family. They will have our back, and we will always have their back. We can’t change that so better take care of them.

BW flower drawn

Funny story: When my mom came back from Vietnam a few weeks ago, she came back with glasses almost exactly like mine! So, I know who is her inspiration 😉

So, we always look for something that she will like and need, not just something that is going to be ephemeral or superficial. We think about her, rather than the celebration gift norms of flowers and cards. We also think about creating experiences that will last. And let me tell you that it’s such a challenge! So, for those of you who’d been struggling as well

Here Are some Ideas for Last-Minute Gifts

For the Fashionista Mom (or Even Yourself)

A nice bag or piece of jewelry 🙂 Your mom has been complaining about her bag? Get her a new one! Or if your mom likes to have a nice necklace or earrings for special events, or even if you want one for yourself, why not take advantage of Mother’s Day specials?

Actually, I have a code for a shop I’ve discovered recently, PERDITI. There are nice bags, necklaces, earrings – which I received from them! Check out their website and use the code MYMOM15 for 15% off today!

Nancy Pham with PERDITI earrings

*** Obviously, these would not arrive before a week, but if you’re like me and only seeing your mom next week or so, that’s fine 😉

For the Great-Cook Mom

My mom has always been cooking for the whole family. Even when I wanted to learn how to cook, she wanted to do it. So, why not surprise her with a big fancy meal that the whole family has cooked for her? Time to dig into those cookbooks!

Get the Tasty Cookbook here. Super simple recipes, yet very different and with flavours from all around the world!

Get the Oh She Glows cookbook here. Super healthy recipes, fresh and perfect for the summertime!

One of my all-time favorites (in French though): Le secret des Vietnamiennes. Since my mom never wanted to teach me how to cook any Vietnamese dish so that she would keep me from moving out (LOL), I had to learn by myself! And it’s honestly just too YUMMY

Asian food salad

For the Do-It-All Mom

She does everything, she doesn’t need help, she is just impressive. Yet, I’m sure she sometimes needs a break, even if she doesn’t say so!

One thing I love to do for my mom is to give her a back massage. We are both involved in the activity. It sets the perfect time to chit chat and tell each other all our stories. We connect and spend some quality time together.

No need for much technique, or any essential oil. Just test it out with your mom and it can sometimes create some funny memories 🙂

I’ve been giving her massages since I was very young and now, let me tell you that my friends and family line up to get one as well! And… my mom says I’m much better than my dad and sister hehe.

2 asian girls smiling
My sister and I a few years ago.

So, due to some circumstances, I’m meeting my dear mom next week, and will give her a massage and cook for her ❤ What about you?

On that note, wish you to spend some quality time with your mom – and/or with people you love like a parent – and to show them all your affection!


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