VLOG // Weekly Rejuvenating Routine

Can we talk about the “no makeup” photos? They came out a little while ago and, no no no, we ain’t fools! Now you can see sooo many videos of no-makeup makeup! So, are there really “no makeup” selfies? (I am sure they may be exceptions to the rule, but we’re just talking right now).

And while I by no means pretend that I am comfortable walking around without anything on my face – working on this, babes! – I still take care of my skin – duh. A healthy skin will always translate better even with makeup!


And, well that’s life eh? I happen to soon be going onto my period. Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable – why should it?. Anyway, I don’t know about you, but my skin gets so weird and unpredictable at this time of the month! Either panicking and craking, or getting superb – like why so different? (insert crying emoji – lol)

Anyway, so I thought I’d share my weekly (or sometimes bimonthly #oops) rejuvenating beauty routine! Super simple, and fast! About 20-25 minutes – and not only is it liberating for my skin, but also for my mind. I take that time for myself – could be even longer if you want!

Hope you like it! If you do, please do give it a thumbs up; it does make a difference 🙂

Check out my video here!

Youtube : Nancy Pham

What do you think? Pretty simple, eh?

So here are what I used in this video:

The Faceshop | Volcano Nose Strips || Click here (or for a better deal click here)

Vichy | Aqualia Thermal Serum & Light Cream* || Click here


*Received complimentary for testing. So happy I did! This is perfect for my combination skin – especially in the summer – and probably for oily skins even in winter! And these will now be part as well of my regular routine (as soon as I am done with the ones currently open – not wasting it!)

Hope this helps you get glowing skin and feel good and proud of it 🙂 Maybe you’ll be soon walking outside really with no makeup! Haha

I am not there yet but I did do a no makeup photoshoot! Send me your *real* no make up selfies or use the #withnancypham I’d be super happy to see your powerful selves!


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