VLOG // The M. Circle P.1

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Okayyy ladies – and men too! – I need to confess something. Something that needs to get out of my body. Just discovered it. It could make a great difference in the M. Circle and you absolutely need to be in the loop about it!

Okay. (Deep breath)

Actually, wondering what this M stands for? Take a guess! M for magic? M for meaning? Hint: this is related to sustainable beauty. Yes! M for makeup!

What I have found and now use everyday is like a magic trick as it adds meaning to the makeup circle! (Ok getting a little cheesy here…) And one way you can jump on the train with this is through Créations Rosenoire. Little boutique run by an absolutely lovely woman ❤

Intrigued? Def check this next video out as being sustainable really is important to me and this makes it affordable to the everyday person!

Cool, isn’t it? Reusable makeup wipes are adorable and so easy to use! And now, it’s getting even easier to find and not expensive!

Prices can vary from boutique to boutique, but just to give you an example; at Créations Rosenoires, it’s only about $12 for a pack of 5! That’s about the price of only 2-3 regular (wasteful hihi) wipes. And I think that you’ll still be using makeup past these 2-3 packs, aren’t you? So… worth it!

In addition, the washing bags can simply make your life so much better! Especially if you’re lazy like me haha

With this, you can dump all your reusable makeup wipes in the washer, but also your underwears (in bigger bags) and your delicate pieces. No need to wash them separately in delicate cycle nor by hand YAY! These are a bit easier to find and also available at Créations Rosenoire.

While we’re at it, let me give you a little overview of this online boutique! Créations Rosenoire started because the founder wanted to add a touch of sustainability to everyday actions which seemed so normal but could be much less wasteful. And she wanted to make it fun, affordable, and convenient! Thank you Créations Rosenoire for the collab and making our lives much easier.

You can find her boutique online right here where you can choose what you want and it’ll be shipped directly to you! This is fun as well because it’s a handmade local shop.

So check it out, and if you haven’t already, I put right below the link to the short video I’ve prepared for you about the Makeup Circle.

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