TIFF, NYFW Or Chocolate?

Anyway, let’s start at the beginning and see what happened in the past few days and which one wins my heart at this right moment.

You can either watch this video to get all the juicy comments, or read the summary down below!

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I’ve unfortunately never been that good with movies and TV shows. In a sense, I’d rather connect with others, spend time with them or take time for myself than binge watch tv shows. Because I can’t seem to be rational when it comes to things like that, it’s all – 12 hours – or nothing.

And my eyes definitely thank me for not being a binge-watcher. Already at about -6 each eye, imagine being even worse! Would definitely need Clearly or BonLook all the time to help my wallet!

Anyway, that means that already for me, TIFF is out among those 3. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be part of the experience! The festival experience is definitely NOT just about watching the movies, but as I said, a whole experience. So, still on my bucket list – which is already so long!

Still, gotta say that I am pretty excited to go watch A Star Is Born featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper! And look at them on the red carpet!







I remember when my friend and I first saw the trailer. About half-way through, I was like, “DAMN! That’s Lady Gaga!” and my friend was like, “HELL NO! What are you saying?” And guess who ended up being right? 😉

Anyway, it’s been a long time that we haven’t really heard from her and still so amazed with her voice. Can’t wait to go see this movie!

Watch my comments as I tell you an insider point of view in this video.


Year after year, this international event just blows my mind and my heart gets carried away. This is full of creativity; it really is a show. And not only that, but also all the other activities, food, nights out that accompany it makes it such a fun lifestyle!

Well, I am not talking from experience right now but from what I saw. If you know more because you’ve experienced it, Hola at me please! 🙂

So here are 3 looks/collections that really caught my eye this year. And I have realized (except for the last one – you’ll definitely see a clash) that the pop culture and cartoons seem to have had a big influence on the designs that were presented.

And I absolutely LOVE IT!
















Pretty different, eh? Haha. I warned you! Still, this is absolutely lovely.

Got the hang of it? Now watch me comment each of those styles in this video. Absolutely no filter in what I will say and yep, some stuff might be pretty weird – you’re warned again!

3. Chocolate

Well, this is for sure very different than the 2 festivals above. But you’ll get to know me and realize that I am absolutely useless when it comes to chocolate. The way to my heart is not just through my belly, but more importantly through my love for chocolate!

Like, when I was in Lima, Peru, we HAD to do a chocolate workshop. When I went to Switzerland, I came back with 23kg of chocolate. 23 KILOGRAMS. If you think about it, that’s a full suitcase’s weight. Damn.


So, let me tell you that I got pretty distracted when I received not one, not 2, not 3 but 4 bars/bag of Hershey’s chocolate thanks to Influenster. And absolutely noooo problem to receive them complimentary for testing. I can test ALL YOU WANT. hihi

I received Cookies n Creme, Whole Almonds, Creamy Milk Chocolate and the famous Hershey’s Kisses! ❤ Absolutely delicious – though they melted during the heat wave #oops. Then, which one is your fave flavour?

Mine actually depends and changes day-by-day. haha. The Kisses are the best when I just want to satisfy a chocolate craving but am still trying – I emphasize the word “trying” – to diet. Cookies n Creme are good after a meal as it completes it well. Almond and chocolate are great alone as a snack in itself. So, how can I choose?

ANYWAY, all those 3 happened at the same time: TIFF, NYFW, and me receiving my chocolate bars. So, which one do you think won my heart?

Don’t forget to check out this video to know it, but even more importantly, to hear me comment all those looks I showed you, and the “tasting” that I did.

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