Can’t Decide On a Tattoo? Choose Temporary Tattoos!

And number 5, well, it can easily be expensive! Not only when we first do it, but then we need to do touch ups after a few years if we want the color and the lines to still look good. Personal story.

When I first heard about Inkbox, I was a bit skeptical but so thrilled! If this really worked the way it should be, this could very well revolutionize street fashion and the way we perceive tattoos! Imagine, you want to have a tattoo, you do it in a few minutes and you there you go! You have one that lasts 2-3 weeks then gone! And you can go for another style 🙂

(or you can go to this – maybe – conservative S.O.’s family gathering without having to struggle finding an outfit that hides your tattoos)

(As a side note, this post contains affiliate links. You won’t pay anything more by clicking on the link but I may receive a bit of $$$. So easy to help a girl out here 😉
If you want to know more about how that works, send me a message or I will soon publish a post about it.)


Here, don’t be mistaken! This is a real tattoo. I did it a few years ago when I lived for a few months in Copenhagen. I had been thinking of getting a tattoo for about 4 years before making the jump. Crazy!

You can say that I am like the chicken-tattooed person. LMAO 1) I really thought for a while about it. 2) It is pretty small and minimalistic – I was afraid it would hurt! 3) It is in a spot that is quite easy to hide. Actually, it took a year for some of my friends to notice it, even if we were seeing each other a couple times a month!

Thank god Inkbox exists now! No need for needles, no need to book an appointment, MUCH MUCH less expensive (as I am writing this, all the ones I’ve seen were between $16-20, compared to the $100+ for a real tattoo…) and the best part? Their designs are so cool!

Down part? Well, you need to choose among so many cool designs – so hard!

Here are some examples of their designs that you can simply transfer onto your skin:




Curious? You can check out their most trending tattoos here to get a feel of their vibe 🙂

Now, on to the best part, how does it really work?

First, you need to know that there are 2 options, the easy one, and the more-complicated-but-so-cool one.

Easy one: Traditional Temporary Tattoo

Remember the butterfly tattoo that you used to get in your cereal box and that you put on your arm with water and cloth? SAME. THING. (almost) (Like a 2.0 version).

You simply choose a tattoo on the inkbox site, you receive it by mail in – really – just a couple of days (me it was like 2-3 days!), and follow the very simple instructions.

Here is the one I chose, the classic – yet trendy! – wave.


Basically, you

  1. Exfoliate your skin.
  2. Peel off the white layer off the tattoo.
  3. Apply it on a flat surface, where you want it.
  4. Put your gloves on and remove the black sticker part, revealing a blue section.
  5. Wipe the blue part of the sticker with the given wipe.
  6. This is the part that really is different: Open a corner of the cloth bag. With the cloth still in it microwave it for 10 seconds. It should be warm to the touch so let cool by swinging the cloth side to side if too hot.
  7. Fold the towel in squares so it fully covers the tattoo sticker and firmly press onto the tattoo. !!! Make sure that you cover it all and that you absolutely don’t move the cloth for a full 15 minutes. Otherwise your design might get smudged… which we obviously don’t want.
    1. Pressure can vary but the cloth needs to stay in place.
  8. After 15 minutes, remove the cloth. Then remove the sticker slowly in the direction of the hair grow.
  9. Wait 5 minutes for it to dry.
  10. Then gently wash it with soap and water to remove any excess ink or adhesive.
  11. Pat dry and


It should fully develop within 24 to 36 hours so no worries.
And then, be gone on average a bit short of 18 days.

If that was too much text, here is their tutorial video in the meantime that I show you mine on my Youtube channel!

So cool, isn’t it? Click here to get started!





Now, you want to enjoy the more fun alternative? I just did! Yeah, for those who saw my instagram story, it wasn’t the shape of the wave.

Here we go!

More-complicated-but-so-cool one : Draw Your Own Temporary Tattoo


It’s called the Freehand Ink.


You can finally get a tattoo that is fully customized to YOU. The size that you want, the details that you want. You are an artist? Great! What about creating art on your own body?

Or, maybe… you want a style for Halloween? A specific look? I am thinking of hand tattoos right now for my costume – not telling you what it is! – but with this option to draw it myself, super cool and easy.

Up for the challenge? We can even get Inkboxed together.

IMG_9460 (1).jpg

Really. No needles getting into your skin at all. And it’s super fun to do! Don’t worry if you’re not sure about your drawing ability, there’s possibility to draw with a pen on your skin prior to applying the ink, or simply to print and transfer a design you found on the internet to your skin as a guide 😉

So, this technique takes a bit more time to do (an hour wait instead of 15 minutes) but still develops within 24-36 hours. Right now, mine is in the process of showing up. So… stay tuned for the final result! I will be showing you entirely how I did it also in a video on my Youtube channel WithNancyPham. Stay tuned also on my IG (@withnancypham) stories and highlights to see how it went!

On this note,

PEACE and let’s get “inked“!



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