Cozy Winter Event P.1 // Candle Workshop

There are always so many things that we can do with our friends! Going out, talking over brunch, ice skating, etc. Whichever, when well surrounded, it’s always fun. And not so long ago, well, I wanted to make it a bit different and decided to make it a Holiday gathering with a little twist! Let me tell you more about how it turned out 🙂

First, I have to admit that it was a lot of organization. I wanted to make sure that this event would be fun, original, and that everyone could go back home with a smile on their lips and something special. Knowing that there were multiple creatives among the attendees, why not make it crafty? So, it was a Holiday gathering with a candle workshop!

This event would not have been the same without the amazing sponsors present. It really helped recreate this oh-so charming atmosphere for the Holidays and to elevate this event to a higher level. What an evening that was!

Laughters, gifts, food and much more were there to keep us entertained 😉


Just before we go through the review of all these sponsors, let me show you the awesome ladies who came and celebrated together:

Top row: Anne-Marie (@anne.marie.munoz), Amanda (@the.glamedit), Isabella (@isabellalvm), Leah (@missleahmei), Reina (@reinagadefashion), Jasmine (@jsm1n), Diana (@dianawho)

Bottom row: Me (@withnancypham), Gracey (@graceydohm), Alicia (@aliciawaid) and Roxy (@roxane_bailey).


Without further due, let’s go through a review of what we got 🙂

1. DeSerres

Of course, there was a candle workshop. So, why not DeSerres to offer the equipment/material for it?

DeSerres is really your go-to spots for most DIY projects whether it be painting, soap-making, home decor and in our case, candle-making! They provided us with most of the material, being:

  • Wax
  • Coloring ingredients
  • Wicks
  • The molds for 3 candle sizes
  • One essential oils blend to make our candles smell heavenly
  • Decorating material for the candles!

The first 4 elements of this list all come in one box. So, for a quick DIY project at home, that is amazing! No need to look any further.

Here is how my candle turned out. A beautiful emerald green candle on my table and will probably stay there for a while before I decide to light it up. It’s so pretty I don’t want to use it haha!

I have to say though, that I have a few tips for you to make this kind of stand-alone candles (compared to candles in a glass container):

A) Follow the instructions for placing and cutting the wick but then pour only a bit of wax at a time.

So basically, the mold for the candle actually creates an upside-down candle. At the bottom of it, the rope goes through a hole and is “sealed” with a sticky thing that happens to be wax as well. (That is how we create the wick where you’ll be able to light up the candle from).

The thing is, that wax can only hold so much of hot wax from going through the hole when you pour the candle wax. So you need to go little by little. Pour a bit of wax, like up to 5mm. Then wait for it to seal. Add 1 cm of wax. Wait. Add 2-3 cm. Wait. And so on. The more you wait between adding, the more you can add as you make sure that the wax is cold and solid enough not to melt again and pass through the mold hole at the bottom.

To help you visualize it, here’s the candle as they are setting.


Also, it is highly recommended to add a plate or something below the mold just in case anything falls through. Ex: do you see the white candle with the red bottom (actually red top if you flip it) on the row closest to the wall, second from the right? We had put too much red wax that it melted and went through the hole, explaining why there is red in the plate rather than in the candle mold. Oops.

But now you know!

B) To remove the candle from the mold, let it sit for about 30 seconds in a bowl with very hot water and then the candle will slide out.

Removing the candle can be so much more simple once you know!

First, take out the sticky thing (wax) from the bottom (which will become the top part of the candle). You want the candle to slide out from the open part of the mold, so you don’t want the wax to stop it from sliding out.

Then, pour very hot water in a bowl big enough to fit the whole candle mold and let it sit. We suggest 30 seconds but that depends on how hot the water it.

You will start to see the color of the wax get a bit lighter. That means that there will be air between the wax and the mold. Once you see that all around the mold, then you can take out the candle from the candle, shake it and it should slide out!

How come it does that? We think it’s because the hot water will make the sides of the candle wax melt (or start melting) again, letting it slide instead of sticking to the mold. Do not worry, the candle sides turned out perfectly straight and actually with a varnish finish!

Here are 2 of them finished, my beautiful emerald one, and Roxy’s red one. Thanks again to DeSerres for being part of this workshop.

Hope that inspires you and happy candle making!

Now, for the other sponsors of this Cozy Winter event, stay tuned! You can always check out the Highlights “My Events” here:

Or they will be in an upcoming post! There are pretty interesting brands that you will definitely love as much as we did 😉

On that note,



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