Cozy Winter Event P.2 // Happy Tummies for Happy Girls

One super good tip that you should know about organizing an event – or even evaluating one that you attend! – is how the host made sure that your tummies were all happy 😉 No one enjoys being hungry, and we can’t enjoy things as much when we are. So, “happy tummy for happy me!”

And since the way to my heart is through my belly, then of course I made sure that the guests were well fed. Not only for the dinner’s main course, but also for desserts! I don’t know for you, but it seems we love sweets even more when it’s cold outside so, there were many many desserts. I guess warning them not to eat to much at a time because more was coming became useless at some point because everything was so tasty!

Here are what we had for food, and what we would highly recommend for your next event, or to savor on your own. Or also the desserts spots would be amazing for a date!

We’d like to address a special thank you to these sponsors for having contributed to make this event a success 🙂

1. Main Course & Dessert: Première Moisson



There are 2 ways of offering the main course: as an actual meal sitting around a table, or as little bites. For us, it was little bites! With people arriving at different times and with different hungriness levels, that was the best option.

With the cathering service of Première Moisson, you can choose what you want to include, which is perfect for when people have allergies or other food restrictions! Also, it’s important to have just the right balance between sweet and salty, and snacks and meal.

There were for example pizza bites, little quiches, croissants & jams, salads and a cheese platter.

You can find the rest of their menu right HERE.


But that wasn’t all! They also offered desserts! We had a wonderful Holidays log with little deers and Santa Claus, and adorable individual cakes – fruits flavoured and also salty caramel. It was delicious so highly recommend you check it out!

2. Dessert: Les Sucres Inc



These cookies are actually the cutest, handmade in Montreal, and absolutely delicious! We received 3 boxes and each boxes had a different assortment of cookies! You can ask for a theme – this time was obviously the Holidays – and the baker has so much creativity with it. And you obviously see that she had fun making it.

They are vanilla and almond flavoured, with a sugar coat on top. Not necessarily for the ones trying to watch their weight but it’s definitely a great treat!


LesSucresInc also cater for events, weddings, or simply individuals who want a box! Simply to message her on her instagram or by email. Let’s support that entrepreneur!

3. Dessert: Bar à Beurre



If you haven’t been to their location in Montreal Old Port yet, you definitely should! Not only are their sweets amazing – and indeed very sweet! – but also it’s a super cute cafe. Hint hint: very instagrammable. And something I absolutely liked about it, they offer cups, and if you come back with that cup, well you get a discount on your drink. Yes to less waste! (and discounts)

So Bar à Beurre is obviously not vegan – they have a lot of butter in their treats – but it is quite unique. They have yes, macaroons – which even had this little silver or gold “paint” which made them so fancy! – but they have many other treats such as cookies, chocolates and every beverage a sweet dessert spots should have (hot chocolate, coffee, etc). Yet my fave remains their frozen balls!

They look like giant macaroons. Cold – thus the name. And with like some kind of thick ice cream in the middle. Cute, sweet and not even expensive! So go check it out!

346 Notre-Dame St. East, Montreal, QC H2Y 1C7


As for us, we had macaroons, cake pops and cookies!

4. Dessert: CakeLabMTL


Lasts but not least, CakeLabMTL treated us with some cupcakes, macaroons, cookies and cake pops.


This Montreal company makes special cakes for events, birthdays and more and they are very original! You see the work that’s been put in making the flowers or figurines for example for these cakes. They are quite elaborated and I am sure will make a statement when you will bring it out. Also, something that is very nice about it, they can deliver directly to the desired location – so no need to be careful carrying it around!

As well, if you are interested, just to sent them a message and go from there 🙂


So that is it for our food sponsors for the Cozy Winter event! Not bad, eh? The guests were well feed and their sweet tooth were definitely satisfied with all these desserts!

Now, for the other sponsors of this Cozy Winter event, stay tuned! Next is the gifts part. You can always check out the Highlights “My Events” HERE.

Or they will be in an upcoming post! There are pretty interesting brands that you will definitely love as much as we did 😉

On that note,



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