5 Online Earrings Brands You Need To Discover

Surprise, surprise! Earrings are pretty insane fashion accessories. They can be small, or very big. They can easily make a bold statement, share one’s culture, or simply refine one’s look. So here, we have 5 online earrings brands that you need to discover!

Why? Because they have this unique aspect to them. They either make you travel across the globe with their cultural inspirations, or they help make your look so much more impactful. Even better, these brands use materials that are pretty gentle for your soft earrings skin – because who likes an infection due to your fave accessories?

photo of woman wearing headscarf
Photo by Mwabonje on Pexels.com

As if that wasn’t enough, you can grab these brands online, from the comfort of your home. No need to move anything more than your fingers to navigate through the oh-so many choices! Little disclaimer, though, they have so many amazing choices that you may end up with some fashion dilemmas. But that is okay right?

Anyway, let’s get to it!

1. Horace

Website: click HERE
Origin: Montreal
Prices: $$

This brand has so many choices honestly that one could go about shopping their jewelry in 2 ways: 1) getting a headache choosing because it’s a heartbreak each time we decide not to get one, or 2) getting all of them! (which sometimes our wallet doesn’t approve but our heart sure does!)


As you can see, they have pretty nice necklaces, but that is only one of the oh-so-many options! We are totally in love with their earrings too. They also have rings and bracelets – both for your wrists and your ankles 😉

Often found in festivals around the Montreal area, this brand really lives for this for this trendy vibe. Like at the Montreal Mural Festival! (A street art festival in the summertime) And sometimes, you’ll even meet one (or both) of the 2 lovely founders!

And for those who don’t have the luck of living in that city, rejoice yourselves! They ship worldwide!

Made of real gold, or real silver, you can rest assured that you’ll get it for your buck 😉 Awesome design, always different styles for the different versions of yourself, and quite affordable, what else to ask for?

Here are some of our fave pieces from them. Let us know your fave picks in the comments!

2. Kosmi Jewels

Website: click HERE
Origin: Montreal
Prices: $

This brand was such a surprise when we discovered it. Definitely not as popular as it should be!

Made of real gold – sometimes even 18k! – they are pretty sturdy and you can see the details in the pieces. They have some kind of cultural influence with the design they have. Indeed, they play a lot with geometric shapes – one going through the other.

More than that, you don’t often see their designs elsewhere. They attract the eye and for sure will have people talking!

This brand started as the founder just got married. And who talks about weddings knows how much work it requires to organize one! And well, she suddenly had so much time on her hands – now that the planning was done – that she wanted a new project. And that was Kosmi Jewels, the brand that offers you affordable, trendy and quality earrings.

So why not?

They also have rings, but the earrings are really what we love this brand for.

Here are some of our favorite pieces.


3. Trésar Bijoux

Website: click HERE
Origin: Montreal
Prices: $$

This is definitely the brand for the modern bohemian woman. It has more of a chill hipster-but-not-hipster vibe. And you can definitely see the Asian cultural inspiration in the designs!

Either with the material that the founder chose like the Cambodian silk, or the pattern on it, or even the rounded metal ornaments.

The kind of trademark design for this brand are the studs. She offers these round earrings in 3 sizes – small for a little touch of color, medium for a bit more pop, and large for a bolder statement!

Up to you to decide how much you want to see of the design, or how big of the impact you want it to be 😉

Don’t forget, we are having a giveaway around 2019 V-Day so head to our instagram post to participate! You could win a $50 card to get these earrings. Or any of their other accessories such as hair ties, bracelets, etc.

And it ships worldwide 😉

Here are some of our fave earrings.

4. Kemie

Website: click HERE
Origin: Sherbrooke
Prices: $$ // Use the code NANCY20 for 20% off 😉

Less is more right?

With Kemie, you can definitely enjoy the beauty of small pieces – whether their earrings or their necklaces, rings and bracelets. A well rounded jewelry brands, if you can say!

All their designs are discrete but complement really well one’s outfit. And you can easily juxtapose them to create more depth to the look.

The piece that made us fall in love with them initially seemed like a pretty ordinary pair of earrings – simple black studs in a gold cast. But actually, once you take a closer look, it’s such a gem!

The said dark stone actually changes color depending of the day and the light that hits it. It can look blue, purple, green, and much more depending on your color vocabulary! XD

We loved the surprise you could get throughout the day with them, and also the meaning it could have for someone. “Something that appears normal may actually be way more of a surprise than you think” Doesn’t it fit well with our lives too?

Here are our fave pieces from Kemie (very festival-like!) And don’t forget, use the code NANCY20 for 20% off 😉

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5. Nomade Créations

Website: click HERE
Origin: Montreal
Prices: $$$

If you want unique pieces that make you travel, definitely check this brand out! The founder loves travelling so much and actually, the communities that she visits inspire her work a lot. And you can easily see their influence in her work! She loves the wild and free spirit that inhabits the pieces with such influence. And the story that they carry.

For example, for this collection, she got inspired by the Sumatra Island. It is in South-East Asia, where she traveled to and met the Indigenous people. There, the women are known to carve their jewelry in teeth, which is considered very seductive by them. The people consider themselves as the protectors of the tropical forest and are very close to the 4 nature spirits: the sky, the earth, the sea and the jungle.


As you can see, multiple elements are factored in, which remind us of the cultural influence. For example, the colors, the textures. We can also see the way the material was worked, which would remind us of the original way of doing it.

Here are some other great pieces from this brand.

Here they are! 5 online earrings brands that will bring your jewelry brand further. Support these women but also, complement your outfit with cute and unique pieces! 🙂


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On this note, PEACE!


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