Makeup and Nail Game on Point for NYFW F/W 2019

(Thank you to Roxane from @roxane_bailey for this collaboration – co-written with Nancy from WithNancy)

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Beauty That Complements Your Style

The 2019 edition of the Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week just launched and every year we wait in anticipation for pictures to be released so our eyes may be blessed by the gods of fashion & beauty! If you’re lucky enough to go, you’ve probably been preparing your fashion statement outfits for weeks (even months) and are now ready to turn the streets of New York into your very own Runway. But have you also taken the time to plan and make sure your makeup and nail game is on point? If you haven’t, no need to worry! Here are a few suggestions of what we would rock if we were heading to the Big Apple.

All About that Glowing Skin

We’ve been seeing a lot of beauty influencers rocking more natural looks with beautiful dewy complexions and we dig it! This is a sure way for you to look effortlessly put together.

  • Make sure your skin is properly moisturized
  • Apply concealer where you need to
  • Use a BB or CC cream if you need more coverage (we recommend: Clinique’s Chubby Stick)
  • Powder up where you get oily
  • Add a touch of liquid highlight and a bit of gloss
  • And voilà!

You’re ready to light up the stage!

Living Coral

One can never go wrong when incorporating Pantone’s colour of the year into their style! Swipe it on as an all over eyeshadow colour, dab it on your cheeks for a little extra flush, apply it to your lips for a kissable pout or paint it on your nails! We’re obsessed with Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish in the shade Malibu Peach!

You can use Too Faced’s Coral collection for this look, for example. It is even on sale right now at Sephora for about $12!

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You can also give the finishing touch to your nails with the Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Hardener to keep these nails bold and strong!


Another trend that’s so simple but will definitely bring your fashion statement to the next level is a Monochromatic look. Just pick a colour in your outfit that you want to accentuate and apply it on your lids and lips. So simple, yet so powerful!

There are endless possibilities. For example, pair up Anastasia’s Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance with a NYX matte cream – both available at Sephora 🙂

If you want some cashback or special discounts on your Sephora online purchases, click HERE, sign up and get those $$$. (Please use that link, it’ll get some money, and even get you $5 the first time you buy for $25 = YES)

Nude With An Edge


Keeping your nails nude is a sure way to have them match your outfit at any given moment. Keep it clean and classy with a pale pink shade or give it that little extra edge with some metallic tape.

Cheetah Nails

The cheetah print has been a staple in everyone’s fall and winter wardrobe this year. So why not rock it on your tips? This amber nail art is a nice twist on this popular print that’s sure to have everyone do a double take on your hands!

A subtle wink at Valentine’s Day

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I just simply Love You 💗

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Of course, since Valentine’s Day happens to be during New York Fashion Week, one can’t pass on the opportunity to hint at it! Why not go the whole week with a fresh nude manicure and add this little heart detail when the day comes around. It’s easy to do and not too flashy so your inner romantic won’t have to compromise with the style queen that you are!


What are some beauty trends you would rock at the NYFW? Let us know in the comment section below!


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On this note, PEACE!


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