When Art Meets Your Everyday Life: Discover These Artistic Earrings Brands

It’s not a surprise, fashion is a medium of expression. Not a game changer here, right? The clothes we wear, the makeup we put on (or purposely not wearing it), the accessories we love, they all add up to build the image we want to project. That may support our personality, or sometimes even give us this confidence boost to fully be ourselves in this everyday battle that is life. Then, what about adding art to it?


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Despite what people say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” we often are highly influenced by it. And subconsciously, we understand that we want to express ourselves in a way that in the split of a second, people can grasp what we are about.

Then, what about showing a bit of extra-ness, differentiating ourselves from the others, showing our culture and love for art? Because, let’s be honest, making people know that you know your art and painters, well, that is sometimes impressing them, so… And that also represent nice ice breakers!

Here, we have 3 great earrings brands which present collections highly inspired by art or well-known artists. That way, you can bring art with you everywhere, and love these unique accent pieces!

1. Anne-Marie Chagnon

Website: click HERE
Origin: Montreal
Prices: $$

Art really is at the center of the creations by Anne-Marie Chagnon brand. You can almost see the research the designer went through for every piece. Fueled by creativity, Anne- Marie Chagnon studied visual arts in university but that was years after she started crafting her own jewelry. Very interesting to be able to see her creating process on her website and socials networks, and you can even get to see the atelier in Montreal!

The artist sculpts, molds, colors the pieces, to give them a unique signature look. Anne-Marie Chagnon excels in sculpture, and loves to work with different materials. There is always this trace of elegance throughout every collection with the delicate intricacy of the designs. Made of high quality material, handmade, these accessories are definitely intriguing and worth discovering.

This brand is not only popular in Montreal, Canada, but has also gained international recognition with their partnership with Le Cirque du Soleil. We are all aware of the creativity that characterize these circus shows; well Anne-Marie Chagnon is definitely up to the challenge! This wearable art can then definitely make a look stand out, all while supporting Montreal creators.

The Editor’s picks

  • Ring | Basil (click HERE)
  • Necklace | Freesia (click HERE)

2. Clusterflux Jewelry

Website: click HERE
Origin: Montreal
Prices: $$$$$

This brand is all about the craftsmanship. Humbly made in downtown Montreal, each of these pieces make a positive impression. Often small; but once we take a look, we see the attention to details, the preciseness of the movements and of course, the art in the design!

For example, for her current black and gold collection, the designer wanted to contrast industrialism and minimalism. Highly intrigued by gold, she finds multiple ways to put it forward, interestingly.

dom edit4

Indeed, the jewelry designer is always looking for innovative ideas to push styles further. But also for alternative ways of perceiving art and jewelry! If you take a look at the website, you’ll see that there is also piercings and fine body jewelry. Not what we see everywhere else, is it?

These ideas came as the founder wanted to design some for herself, but also as she studied traditional craftsmanship and specialized in 3D design. Not typical, but it allowed her to go further than simply by hand. Possibilities are then limitless.


Even more interesting, this brand is highly influenced by musicians – such as A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, Andersan Paak, etc. As the founder said, “To see them having pushed their careers to such a phenomenal success inspires me. Especially when they are coming from unfavourable circumstances.” And we agree, the pieces do have a bit of this rebel feel!

The Editor’s picks

  • The Ara Hoop Earrings (click HERE)
  • The Bea Nose Ring In Gold (click HERE)
  • The Horizon Nose Ring In Gold (click HERE)

3. ORA-C Jewelry

Website: click HERE
Origin: Montreal
Prices: $$$$

This is actually my cousin’s brand. But hey, not being biased at all; these earrings and jewelry are art pieces! And when you touch the material, you cannot pass by the insane quality. I am constantly impressed by her work – she is even at The Line Hotel in NYC! – not that I doubted it at all. But I will simply let you look for yourself!

This brand is all about craftsmanship as well. You can see the imperfections in the earrings or rings, for example, but that makes you see how unique each of them is. There is a story behind each of them. Although ready-to-wears, they are very far from what you normally see in the boutiques!

As she said,

“My ready-to-wear sculptural pieces are like mini paintings, enlivened by the person who wears them. I like to see my work evolve organically. It is an attempt to marry elegance with old craft, brilliant colors with simplicity, the exotic with my vision of modernity.”

It is not just about the pieces portraying art, it is about the entire vibe and visuals that accompany the pieces. It is about contributing to the person who is wearing the art. A true feast for the eyes, and I would say, a boost for our confidence!

The Editor’s picks

  • Earrings | Esmé (click HERE)
  • Earrings | Mara (click HERE)
  • Earrings | Tessa (click HERE)


The Earth without Art is just “Eh”.

Hope these inspired you. Maybe you’ll think sometimes of more craftsmanship or thought in the design when choosing your next pair of earrings, or necklace or rings?

It is amazing the power that what we wear has – yes on the perception others have of us – but even more importantly, that we have of ourselves.


If you liked this post, don’t hesitate to give it a thumbs up and to leave a comment! Always loving to hear about your stories, or other brands you love for their artistic appeal 🙂

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On this note, PEACE!


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