5 Adorable Cultural-Inspired Online Boutiques

It’s inevitable, fashion and our lifestyle are highly influenced by the cultures from all around the world. Funnily enough, even when we’ve never been! We appreciate the food, get inspired from fashion from abroad, and also decorate our living spaces with typical cultural elements – or a fusion between the traditional and the modern. Right?

Here are 5 adorable cultural-inspired online boutiques that we discovered. Of course, there are many others, yet these have this special touch to them. They are closer to local artisans for example, so why not encourage them?

Let us know which one your prefer in the comments!

Boutique Binetna | Photo by @Lat.photographe

1. Boutique Binetna

Website: click HERE
Inspiration: North Africa
Prices: $ to $$$
Ships: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, US

The concept of Boutique Binetna is to value handicraft and the work of artisans and designers from North Africa and the diaspora. In other words, this is a hub for you to find multiple North African artisans and designers. You can find there fashion pieces, jewelry, and also elements to ornament your home 🙂

Earrings | Photo by @Lat.photographe

The designs tell you a story. You see the artisans’ work in it, and the smells, the patterns can be very traditional. And that makes you travel. But also, a lot of these pieces can be used in different ways. For example, the candles are made in these hammered copper pot, which are handmade in the Medina of Tunis. When the candle is finished, you can reused as a box or a decorative object.

The boutique also organizes events in Montreal sometimes, regrouping these artisans, or other artisans of the North African region. A great way to discover the culture, with the seal of approval of the founder of Boutique Binetna, Sonia! Take a look at the website, there are some nice discoveries, and maybe you’ll find this accent piece or little accessory that you’ve been looking for this whole time, but didn’t know it could take that shape. A lot of treasures to see.

Candles | Photo by @Lat.photographe


The Editor’s picks

  • Candle| Sweet Box Candle (click HERE) (They have different amazing scents. Love the traditional “lemon” one!)
  • Blanket| Fouta Honeycomb (click HERE) (Honestly one of the softest things I’ve ever touched! It can be a nice blanket, or worn as a scarf)

2. Maykesh

Website: click HERE
Inspiration: Morocco (mixed with Canadian values)
Prices: $$$
Ships: Internationally

This brand started as the founder, Lina, had already been designing her own clothes to fit her personal tastes. Born in Canada with Moroccan origins, she created Maykesh which brings together the traditional oriental clothing and modernity, to honor the ornaments of traditional Moroccan clothes, as she likes to say.

Maykesh also has a special place in my heart as not only is it simple, elegant designs, is culturally-inspired, but also has this environmental-friendly approach. And in this world of fast fashion, it is always refreshing to see an elegant brand that joins the best of both worlds. 🙂

Indeed, Maykesh uses recycled fabric for their garments. Some of them are even coming from a Royal palace in Morocco! Not everyone can say that they’ve got something with royal “blood” right?

For example, there is this below pouch, made from royal gold fabric. Beautiful, isn’t it?

The Editor’s picks

  • Top | Royal Kaftano Tunic (click HERE)
  • Pants| Oriental Palazzo (click HERE)

3. Boa Bijoux

Website: click HERE
Inspiration: South Asia (among others)
Prices: $$
Ships: At least everywhere in Canada.

This boutique is not only about cultural inspiration, but we love the products that indeed are sourced from abroad – and that we know by the look and feel of them.

One of the co-founders’s father is actually Indian. As a result, she was greatly influenced by that culture. When she goes to visit, she often also come back with new products for the boutique.

Source: Boa Bijoux

But that doesn’t stop there! The founders also design their earrings. And well, for a lot of them, you can feel the Indian influence. They mixed it with modern designs, but it’s definitely a great marriage of both cultures. You can see the dangling elements so typical of that culture for example.

Therefore, it is not just about being partially sourced from Asia, but also that Asia influenced the designs they produce. It’s direct and indirect 🙂

Source: Boa Bijoux

Actually, Boa Bijoux is not only an online boutique. They attend a lot of fairs in Quebec, Canada and also have their boutique in Montreal. If you come, definitely worth passing by!

The Editor’s picks

  • Decor | Anvers Jewelry Box (click HERE)
  • Earrings| Boho-Rose (click HERE)

4. Nomade Créations

Website: click HERE
Inspiration: Various Indigenous cultures, depending on the trips the founder goes to
Prices: $$$
Ships: Internationally

We’ve already talked about this brand about how this brand could make you travel with their unique pieces. The founder goes further than simply inspired by a culture. She often even goes to live with them for a bit so that she better understands their values, and why are they using X or Y material in their ornaments.

artistic jewelry nomade
Nomades Créations | Photo by @LolaMeunierPhotography

If you want to read more about this cultural-inspired online boutique, we’d invite you to check out THIS ARTICLE – just to head to the Nomade section, 🙂

The Editor’s picks

  • Earrings| Tiwah Gold Earrings (click HERE) – I personally have this pair of asymmetrical earrings and they accessorize so well even a basic outfit!
  • Necklace| Burmese – Choker Neck Leather (click HERE)

5. Trésar Bijoux

Website: click HERE
Inspiration: Mainly Cambodia (when culturally inspired)
Prices: $$$
Ships: Internationally

We’ve already talked about this brand about how this brand was made for the modern bohemian woman. Highly inspired by Cambodia – as the founder is Cambodian – there is a lot of this calm yet a bit hippie touch to the collections, especially the earrings!

Through the patterns, through the colors, and the fact that these button earrings are made of fabric, it brings this warm feeling.

If you want to read more about this cultural-inspired online boutique, we’d invite you to check out THIS ARTICLE – just to head to the Trésar section, 🙂

The Editor’s picks

  • Earrings| Rose-Marie (click HERE)
  • Earrings| Kanika (click HERE)

That’s It For Now!

These pieces are certainly not what we usually see in the streets. Yet that makes them even more unique, and stand out! They are the perfect accent piece to complete a look. And if you are a fashion minimalist, they all go very well with monochrome looks 😉


If you liked this post, don’t hesitate to give it a thumbs up and to leave a comment! Always loving to hear about your stories, or other brands you love for their artistic appeal 🙂

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On this note, PEACE!


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