Mud vs Clay Mask // Mud Mask Test

Previously, we’ve covered what was the difference between mud masks and clay masks, and each of their properties (check out the article HERE). I’ve had the chance to repeatedly test out 2 masks over the past few weeks to be able to confirm the difference, but most importantly, the effects of each. For the mud mask, I tested out the Vo Beauty Manuka Glow Antioxidant Mud Mask ($25). For the clay mask, I tested out the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Deep Cleansing Clay Masque ($42). Time to share with you my experience with the mud mask; the clay mask will be covered in the next article.

Mud vs Clay Masks // What's the Difference?
Mud vs Clay Masks // What’s the Difference?

Vo Beauty Manuka Glow Antioxidant Mud Mask

What first attracted me to this brand was that it highly supports bees and their environments. Indeed, they make sure to take high care of these dear partners that they have, as they use derivates in their products. As well, Vo Beauty gives a percentage of each sale to the cause of the bees. This means taking care with a natural skincare product of ourselves, and at the same time, of the bees. ❤

Now, onto the properties of this mask, there are 3 pillars which are associated with 3 main ingredients, according to Vo Beauty: 1) Renew: through Propolis (“a mixture found in beehives is known to rejuvenate and soothe skin, making it appear smoother and younger.”), 2) Cleanse: through Rassoul Clay and 3) Softening, through Manuka Honey, thus the name of this mask.



The first time I tried this mask, my clumsiness couldn’t stop itself from showing up (oops). So, let me share with you so that you don’t do the same!

I put too much on my face

At first, when you open the container, you will find quite a thick paste. You need to stir it but I guess I didn’t stir enough or it was still cold from the shipping time it spent outside. When I put it on my face, it stayed there and thus I went on and did something while waiting for the magic to happen. However, when I came back to rinse it off, I noticed that some had dripped on my shirt. Dripped?!

Indeed, the mask had melted with the heat of my skin, and made the mud thinner, and drip. Thus, make sure that you really put a thin layer on your face (and that is even better as your bottle will last longer that way)

woman in v neck trumpet sleeved dress
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My hair got stuck in it

Just as with any mask, you should make sure that your hair is out of the way so that really it is your skin that absorbs all the good stuff from the mask. But you know, I tied it back as I would with sheet masks such as THESE but didn’t worry too much about it.

It hadn’t clicked in my mind from the time I put it on my face that it was much stickier than those sheet masks. Oh well…

When I tried to pull on my hair that got in the mask, it was all sticky with the honey of the mask and it was quite an adventure to then rinse them off completely without removing the good stuff from my face. So make sure to properly tie all your hair back – even the baby hair! – or to have a headband like THIS for washing your face 😉

Screenshot (363)

I didn’t properly rinse it off

The mask is quite clear. You will see some scrubbing elements in it that are amber-like. However, the rest is clear, especially when you only put a thin layer on it.

When it came down to rinsing it off, I did as I normally would when washing my face. I went on with what I was doing until I touched my face and realized it was still sticky! I had to go back to rinse it off.

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One tip: Use a lot of water and warm water dissolves the mud mask much faster. Glide your fingers all over your face to make sure you haven’t missed a section.

Now that you know my best insider’s tips, let’s get to the results. Did it work as it said it would?



If you want to know whether that moisturized my skin and made it much smoother, that is a definite yes! It became like baby skin right after, super soft, even after long days outside in the cold 🙂

Did it make my face glow (more than it normally would)? I hadn’t noticed yet a definite difference. I think I would need to have used it for a longer period of time to assess it. Also, please keep in mind that this is a 100% natural product. It is normal that it cannot make the insane transformation that chemicals allow.

One thing to mention, the moisturizing capacities of this mask are insane. Please mark the italics. I have combination skin therefore this was a bit too hydrating on the T-zone for me. It became oily a bit too quickly for my taste. If you have combination skin, I would then recommend using it only on the dry sections of your face. I have very dry skin around the jaw line and the neck. It might be because of my scarf (as mentioned in THIS article). I now use the Vo Beauty Manuka Glow Antioxidant Mud Mask mostly on the bottom part of my checks all the way to my neck. For the rest of your face, it would be good to combine this mask with a less hydrating mask on the T-zone.

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For the 3 following reasons, this mask is a yes!

  • Natural product
  • Moisturizing and renewing properties
  • Supporting the bees values

You can check out the other masks from the Vo Beauty Brand RIGHT HERE. Tell us in the comments below which one you’d like to try, or know more of 🙂

If you want to know more about the difference between Mud masks and Clay Masks, click here.

Next, I will share with you my experiences with testing out the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Deep Cleansing Clay Masque ($42). You will then be able to see for yourself how it distinguishes itself from this mud mask. Stay tuned as these will be up in the next week!


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