Mud vs Clay Mask // Clay Mask Test

I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks now the Aveda Botanical Kinetics clay face mask. Is it good, is it not? Worth it for the price? Let’s evaluate it!

Before we do actually, do you know about the difference between a clay mask and a mud mask? HERE’s the answer 😉


Aveda Botanical Kinetics Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

As the title of this post says it, it is a clay mask, meaning there is some kind of Earth-based and mineral-based ingredients in it. As well, in case you didn’t know, Aveda is known to offer more natural-based ingredients in their products, to help both us (our skin) and the environment.

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One very cool characteristic about this international company is that their main factories are actually 100% fueled by wind power. Damn!

st patrick's day shamrock GIF by General Electric

More onto the specifics, this comes in a 125 ml bottle to squeeze, at the price of $42 in Canada. Depending of your country, the price (and with exchange rate) might be different, but this is about a few nice cocktails at a bar.

(A face mask instead of a few drinks, your skin is going to live you for the mask’s benefits and less of the drying ingredient that is alcohol!)

If this is becomes a regular purchase, by the way, you can get free shipping and maybe some discounts 🙂

Now, let’s get into the experience of this clay mask.



I was very excited the first time I tried the Botanical kinetics mask as It was the first time that I found a mask that we only had to leave on for 5 minutes. You read right, 5 minutes, not missing a 1 in front, five. WHUT?! So different than the other clay masks or sheet masks or even the mud mask by – check out the article about it HERE – that make us wait for 15-20 minutes! 5 min, that’s it. You could even do your daily meditation exercise in the meantime!

good mythical morning timer GIF by Rhett and Link
Like I shared on my socials, I just had the time to hop out of the bathroom, do one quick thing and then hop back in the bathroom to wash it off. Not a bad thing 😉 And I can already feel some questions arising; yes, in 5 minutes it works!


My skin felt refreshed, clean and breathing after the mask. My skin felt clearer. Even the pores looked much smaller! The best part? Despite being a clay mask – which as mentioned in THIS article often means drying out the skin to reduce the amount of facial oil – my skin didn’t feel any dryer than normal. This demonstrates the presence of moisturizing ingredients added in the formula. Of course, I’d still recommend applying your regular moisturizer afterwards as you still need to rinse your face (it’s still not like a sheet mask which the main purpose is to moisturize your face).

moist GIF

One funny thing to mention though, is that the Aveda Botanical Kinetics face mask color is actually very close to my own skin color. It is beige-y. So, when I applied it the first time, I didn’t see where I had applied it! Okay, it’s not that bad but I had to look closer. You know, it’s not like the other clay masks which are dark grey or green, which obviously you will not be confused as to where you applied to mask. See for yourself!

With the mask on
After the whole routine

Really though, it’s not that bad IRL. Worst case, you’ll realize it and spread the mask elsewhere on your face 🙂


If your wallet allows for it, this is a yes! Let’s be honest, the fact that it is also beige is not that bad of a negative point. Actually better than other masks, that won’t make you scare off the people who see you with the mask on. Can even FaceTime with it 😉

More seriously though, I am loving how quick it is, how good it is on my skin – would probably also work for sensitive skin. And yes to ecological brands!


If you want to try for yourself, check it out HERE.

For 4% cashback: On all your purchases from the Aveda website, click HERE. Sign up, find Aveda, shop and get money for the purchases your were about to do anyway – and the best, at no extra cost to you 🙂 (although do click on this link to support WithNancy – xoxo)

Also, I’ve tested a mud mask, read about the experience HERE.

If you want to know more about the difference between Mud masks and Clay Masks, click here.

If you liked this post, don’t hesitate to give it a thumbs up and to leave a comment! Which type of mask do you prefer then? Mud or Clay?

Until next time, NANAs!



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