HOW TO DO GLITTER HAIR // Quick Hairstyle

Isn’t it so fun to dress up extra sometimes? Ok, I already can hear some people saying they can be extra whenever they want. Of course! If you got the confidence to do so, by all means, do!

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But at the same time, I know it can totally be hard to stand out from the crowd out of nowhere on a regular day. So why not take advantages of the opportunities presented to us with a silver spoon? Music festivals, fashion shows, parties, there are so many. YAY!

You can even organize a themed party yourself to create another reason to dress up – and choose the theme of course! 😉

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For this year’s Osheaga, I decided to go with something relatively easy and quick do to: Glitter in the Hair! And I added one of my signature looks with the 2 Dutch Braids. Let’s go all in!

FYI, do not worry, this look totally works without the braids. With buns, with a pony tail, with loose hair; go for it! And it’s perfect to hide any kind of color roots 😉 aka my situation. #oops

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9 Hair Glitter Ideas That are Perfect For NYE

See? 🙂 You can also find more ideas on my Pinterest board HERE.

And really, I am telling you; the glitter part will not take you more than 5 minutes but you’ll get tons of compliments for it 😉 I think that’s a good bargain, no?

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NOTE: If you want to have glitter in the back of your hair as I did, having a friend will be of great help. I haven’t tried alone, but I can imagine that it gets way trickier… So gather your friends and do a little predrink/get-ready-together and all will be fine! ❤

Since you can use this look on multiple hairstyles, I am only going to cover the glitter part. If you want to learn how to do such braids too, let me know in the comments! If we have enough, I’ll make a post about it, who knows?

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Your hair (LOL – I haven’t tested it on a bald head)

Glitter – I used loose glitter. Grab a very nice combo HERE.

Amazon or your local drugstore/dollar store should have plenty of them (when it’s the season).

Screenshot (680).pngHair gel – I used the Aveda Hummectant Pommade; not only did it help the glitter to stick but it also controlled my little hair. Grab it HERE.

  • For 4% cashback: On all your purchases from the Aveda website, click HERE. Sign up, find Aveda, shop and get money for the purchases your were about to do anyway – and the best, at no extra cost to you 🙂 (although do click on this link to support WithNancy – xoxo)

Screenshot (681).png

Let’s go!

Step 1

Style your hair. Ideally, with a separation somewhere as the glitter holds better there.

Step 2

Apply the gel in the area you want the glitter to stick. Apply enough so that it will hold the glitter.

  • Apply little section by little section, should your gel « dry » faster. That way, you’ll be able to capture the moist timing of the gel and as it dries, it dries locking in the glitter.


Step 3

Drop glitter on your hair 🙂 There are 2 ways of doing so. One messier than the other.

  • Messy version: Simply drop a ton on your head and then shake your head. What is left on your hair is what is held by the gel. Yes, that means a lot of sweeping the floor…
  • Cleaner version: Drop a smaller portion of glitter then gently tap with your fingers so that it penetrates the gel. Yes, your fingers will take a lot of sparkles but in the end, not as much sweeping the floor! (And probably less waste) Down side: it may look more prepared and might be harder to do a glitter gradient.

You choose your battle! 🙂

That’s it! Of course, if you want even more hold, you can use a spray net as a step 4, but I didn’t and it held just fine.


Also, just letting you know, in the process some dropped on me – ex my shoulders and back – which I actually liked! But if you don’t want that, maybe wear a buttoned down shirt on top of your outfit so that you can remove it afterwards without touching your hair.

Let me know in the comments how it went for you 🙂

So here is again the final look I had at Osheaga.

With 2 awesome babes Ashley and Fael ❤

If you want to learn other hairstyles, let me know in the comments below.

Until everyone is confident, healthy and happy, With Nancy Pham will continue to exist.

Bye ~

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