At home shellac nail removal, possible? YES! Watch this video to know how 🙂

It’s obviously not as fast as with the sanding/filing machine at the salon, but if well done, can be much better for your nails. How come? You won’t be removing any layer from your nail, compared to at the salon. The nail polish will actually just lift up by itself 🙂


How much time? 20-30 minutes – You can def watch your fave TV show while waiting 😘

What do you need?

(If you want a home shellac kit by the way, here’s one that worked well on my nails:

* The beautiful wall art next to my hand / behind me in the video is from the talented @audreylachanceartwork 🌿 Check her out! Love supporting local artists 🙂

Feel free to leave your comments below! Tell me what you’d like to see next, or whatever. ‘Cause, you know, nobody ain’t perfect so need your help 😉 xoxo

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