INSIDE NYFW2020 // Interview with the Designer Carter Young

By a sunny afternoon in the middle of Manhattan, during NYFW SS2020, I had the chance to attend the unusual presentation of the up and coming fashion designer Carter Young. In a hip bar, with music and good drinks, we got to see the newest collection unfold before our eyes. Carter, the young talented man behind the well-though brand, accepted to provide a more insightful view into his collection, vision and creative story.


About Carter Young

This brand prides itself in creating unisex clothing – with a strong anchor in utilitarian menswear –  which highly appeals to the current society, with this asexual tendency, feminist feel and artistic and societal approach. We can also observe some kind of underground and rebellious touch in their aesthetics.


As mentioned on their website, “We are distinctive in how we galvanize influences, subvert the traditional, and synthesize opposites. We are constantly refining in order to create something challenging but playful, unconventional but wearable.”

About the Presentation during NYFW

Really liked the clothing; amazed by the quality of the material that we could feel from the rack at the front, and pleased by the new collection’s designs. During the presentation, the highlight of the night were the 2 models, Sid Simmons and Foster James, a couple in real life, who simply spent an afternoon together in the back of the bar. Every half hour or so, there would be someone bringing the next set of clothes to showcase, which they would change into. It was very refreshing to see how the garments would look in positions that we would mostly be when wearing them – sitting and interacting with people we love.


See the official video of the presentation HERE.

Interview with Carter Young

Early September, you presented your collection at NYFW 2020. Before anything, how did Carter Young start?

I have been working in fashion since I was 15 – I come from a household of other creatives and I found clothing design was the easiest way for me to express myself. I had always drawn people and clothes, but it took a long time to learn the process of crafting a garment. After a few years of learning at different companies, I made a few pieces, and with the support of friends and family, I’ve been able to grow the project into a full line.

How would you describe the collection your recently presented?

The SS20 collection was very personal for me. It was inspired by memories of growing up in the mid-west, and classic American styles and fabrics like denim and leather. It’s somewhere between memory and imagination.


What do you want people to feel when they see your collection?

I would like people to be intrigued. I want the clothes to feel good and to imbue a sense of confidence.

Your presentation concept was different that what is usually seen; what did you think of the turnout of the event? Would you do something similar again?

I thought the event went really well. I was happy to see so many people interacting with the line in a setting that felt personal and approachable. I would like to continue presenting in a way that merges fashion and performance art.


More related to your career, what was your biggest milestone in your Carter Young design stories?

I was commissioned to make a custom suit for a wedding. It was a big honor to be able to dress someone in such an important moment in their life.

How do you go about your creative process? What are the most important influences on your style?

I think if I knew the answer, I would be a lot more efficient. For me, inspiration can come from anything, but the hard part is being creative on a schedule. I feel like repetition keeps me going. I have a constant practice of sketching and sourcing so I am always exposed to new impetuses.


How do you see your brand and designs evolve in the future?

I want to continue to expand in my tailoring work, and maybe down the line move into books and accessories outside of the fashion space.

What is your next milestone you’d like to reach? Any hint you can provide upon your next project?

The next step would to present a collection better than the last. I have some exciting collaborative projects in development now, but I can’t give too much away.

On that mysterious note, I highly invite you to look up Carter Young as we foresee a great future and development for this fashion designer and his amazing and supportive team. Don’t you love the fact that they want to move away from the crowds?

More about the designer:


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