Forgot about Mother’s Day? Clever card prints available!

You’ve still got a few days to think of how to celebrate that special person – and let’s say that being socially distancing adds up to the challenge but we can do this. And like Rori, we’re going to make our mom feel proud.

I created some cute card designs that you can send to your mom or print and mail / give in person if that’s okay where you live. Hope you’re going to like them as much as my fam and I do!

On this note, here are the designs!

Both are available for purchase with a beige and a white background (2 color options). These are simply the 2 available covers.

I’m a Big Fan of Yours – Mother’s Day Card

A 5 x 7 printable cover + a 8.5 x 11 printable card to fold in 4. Total of 4 documents.


I Love You from my Head To-Ma-Toes // Mother’s Day Card

A 5 x 7 printable cover + a 8.5 x 11 printable card to fold in 4. Total of 4 documents.


By the way, the $ are USD and you can click directly on your credit card logo to avoid the Paypal login 😉

And it’s as simple as this:

To send the card online

  1. Save the photo on your phone or on your computer or download the 5×7″ PDFs

    Optional: You can add a personal touch with a message on the card with your fave editing app
  2. Or simply send as is + a following text in the next message ❤

I’m sure your mom will appreciate the thought!

To print the card

  1. Select the foldable PDF.
  2. Print it with your regular printer.
    Tip: You can also cut out the card + glue it on a special textured paper. It gives a handmade look too!
  3. Fold the page in 4:

    1) With the image on the bottom left facing down, fold the top part of the page towards you, towards the bottom

    2) Fold the left side of the page towards the right. The card should be facing you right now.
  4. Write your message in the card and voilà!

Which one is your favorite?

Tell me by DM on @withnancyy and share your final result! You may inspire people from the community 😉

Thank you for the card design! I prefer the [blank] card 🙂

Take care,

Your sista, Nancy

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