The Happiness Manifesto Podcast is officially out!

We know it, time management can be quite something. Just balancing work and social life can already be a challenge! Imagine with a side hustle AND a toddler. Well, that is the challenge that Vimy (@vimy.story) Co-founder of Boss Babe Imperial, chose to rise up to. 


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This beautiful 2 co-founders of Boss Babe Imperial: Fifa (on the left) and Vimy (on the right). Photo by me (Nancy)

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a social butterfly, or simply someone constantly running from one thing to another, out of breath, this episode is for you. A light yet inspiring interview where we dive into how Vimy was able to manage all that, and ways that maybe you can get ideas from.  

As well, we’re talking about the reality of being a boss mom, and what it can mean for people who want to embark on that journey. Because, yep, it’s doable 🙂

Get comfortable, and join us in this 20-min episode!

Listen to Ep.01 on your preferred podcast platform:
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Talk to you on the other side! ~

If you want to kick-start your time management evaluation and adjustment-making, I shared at the bottom of THIS page my Time Management Blueprint that you can buy at a pre-launch rate of $18.

Or you can sign up to get the show notes on to get the equivalent of chapter 1 of the blueprint!

FYI they’re full of good value 😉

To listen to part 2 of the interview with Vimy, I’m going to link it here as soon as it gets released!

And if you like the episode, is there anyone you think of that would love to hear this? Share this with them! 

You can always DM me on IG @withnancyy to talk about YOUR Happiness Manifesto ~


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