Forgot about Mother’s Day? Clever card prints available!

Ready for Mother's Day? Celebrate the incredible love and affection for and from your mom with these clever card designs! Download, print, and voilà!

INSIDE NYFW2020 // Quad Clothing Company Fashion Show

Characterized by a strong entrepreneurial community, female empowerment and audience interaction, the Quad fashion show made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I feel so grateful for being able to attend such event at the last NYFW, and with the next NYFW coming up, this makes the excitement in the air even more noticeable! Read more about the Quad fashion show in the article.


INSIDE NYFW2020 // Style Pointe Alternative Fashion Show

Style Pointe Contemporary Dance Fashion Show Candles

I had the chance to attend the prestigious New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2020 and it is an absolute pleasure to share the word about Style Pointe, this fashion show which mingles together 2 constantly evolving forms of art: fashion and dance.

3 Ways to Use Argan Oil on your Body

Heard of Moroccan oil? Grapeseed oil? Argan oil? The use of oils can be seen in many skincare ingredients from face to hair and now, to body! Even more when it comes to Argan oil.

INSIDE NYFW2020 // Interview with the designer Anya Haber

It was on a sunny afternoon in the middle of Brooklyn, when the city was getting ready for that night’s shows, that I met the fashion designer Anya Kelly Haber.