Cozy Winter Event P.2 // Happy Tummies for Happy Girls

You might have seen it; I organized an influencer event: Cozy Winter. Great times and great food! Here is what we ate and what you'd gain from discovering as well!

Cozy Winter Event P.1 // Candle Workshop

You might have seen it; I organized an influencer event where we celebrated the Holidays and even got to have a crafty workshop. Can you guess who was there? And what was the DIY project partner?

Protein Banana Bread w/ Apple Spice

Here, I share with you my favorite apple pie recipes and my protein banana bread! Perfect when we need a solid snack on the go!

TIFF, NYFW Or Chocolate?

While everyone has been talking or is still talking about TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) or NYFW (New York Fashion Week), here I am thinking about Halloween already (lol!) And I know, I know, I am really early talking about this but hey, stores have been putting up Christmas decorations even before Halloween is done, so I guess I'm not that bad!

Party Without Gaining Weight!

So, exams are over, the sun has started to shine, it's soon terrace season! Mojitos, sangrias, pool parties YAY! BUT how can I (and you) enjoy all of those without worrying about gaining weight? Let me tell you what I do to avoid this!

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