The PhamTribe journey started a few years ago as I started to question myself about everything – like really, everything. What am I going to do with my life? What do I truly like? Who do I want to be? etc.etc.etc. Yes, I was going through the infamous existential crisis…

People have often told me that I am very sensitive to what was happening around me. I guess it might be true? I have always been an observant. I loved to look around me and absorb all the little details. What are people doing? Why is it that they are dressed that way or walking that way today?

Who are they?

Young woman with short hair looking at the sunset

But it didn’t stop to individuals! It was also – mostly actually – about how society as a whole was behaving. Why do we have to go to school instead of being self-taught? Why can’t I just leave the country to travel the world? Why is getting a job or a high salary considered achieving success?

What is success actually?

So, I am simply a young woman seeking answers to her questions – answers to tons of questions! As I am going through my journey to better understand myself, the world around me and what made us that way, why not share it with others?

We can support each other in our quest to personal development. Together, we can get more insights, and motivate ourselves!

Let’s discover ourselves to discover more. 

Click here to start your journey.

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