Live Semi-Private Group Classes

Your French Teacher:

Nancy Pham

The purpose? Remove the language barrier and allow people to get the jobs they deserve.

Get to learn and practice the beautiful – but let’s say it, quite difficult – language that is French. In a setting that makes it fun to come to class AND make you learn before you’ll even realize it.

What You’ll Get

For 10-12 weeks, 1 class of 1 hr per week, we meet up online, through Zoom, and we get to learn and practice French together!

Each class includes a warm-up game, learning some vocabulary and/or a new grammar rule, practicing it and we top it off with a fun game at the end. Because learning should be fun!

You’ll also receive a short homework to keep the momentum until we meet up the following week.

Of course, you’ll get to have immediate feedback from me, the notes of the class, all while building a bond with fellow French learners!

Classes of max 6 students for now.

The Levels

*The Fall semester start date depends on the class*

Beginner Level:
On Wednesdays 8PM-9M ET
Start date: Sep 29th, 2021
11 weeks

This is for people who have no knowledge of French whatsoever or have had French classes way back in the past and can’t seem to remember any of it.

For example, they may know how to answer “Comment รงa va?” but can’t understand any other sentences, or very few. Yet alone answer them in French.

Intermediate Levels:
Int 1: On Mondays 8PM-9M ET
Started on Sept 13, 2021
9 weeks

This is for people who have a general understanding of the language, but can’t seem to make proper sentences once it’s their turn to talk.

For example, people who live in Montreal but reply back to people in English instead of French.

Int 2: On Wednesdays 7PM-8PM ET
Started on Sep 8, 2021
9 weeks

This is for people who have a general understanding of the language, and can be understood (in general) but French native speakers who can guess what they are trying to say. Their grammar or choice of words can be improved.

For example, people who can pass by in Montreal but who could benefit from being more comfortable in French.

Advanced Level:
(waiting list)

This is for people who can hold an everyday conversation such as what they did over the weekend, how they are feeling, and what they aspire to do.

And now they would like to improve their proficiency to sound more convincing, and/or hold more advanced conversations such as debates (ex: why to buy this instead of that) and commenting on a TV show. They are also ready to start more challenging books.

The Investment

This comes at the rate of $22 per week (classes of 1 hr) per person.

Beginner Class Semester Special:
$225 for a semester of 11 classes. ($20.45 per week)

Payable by Interac transfer to with the password being FRENCH.

Please also send an email to confirm that you sent the payment so that it can be associated to the right student.

You are awesome! I feel comfortable talking to you in French even when I know that I make mistakes and that’s what I love about the class. You encourage me to talk ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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