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Find your tribe in celebrating your movements.

Physical and mental health have been proven countless times to be so interrelated we can’t even really say which one came first to influence the other one. Yet we do know that we need to nurture both to live a more fulfilling, happier life.

Let’s dive in! ~

Whether by yourself or with the community, join our yoga routines for more strength, better posture and better flexibility, or discover our dance fitness classes for the energy (and the confidence boost!)

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Wanna join us?

Sign up to our next online event! Every Wednesday, I am giving a free quick 30-min online yoga class around lunchtime to allow you a well-deserved break so that you can be back to a productive afternoon!

And on every Thursdays of May, I’m giving Beginner-Intermediate dance classes that are amazing to do with your roommates and family. Let’s get those Happy Hormones workin’

What people have said about the classes

“I loved Nancy’s dancing classes! I went through her beta program and it was super fun. I got to learn new things and it is as much for beginners than advanced! Super welcoming and I love how her teaching is full of passion and she is constantly at the look out of improving. Her way of teaching is very easy to follow and she would stop if you are stuck and redo it until you get it! I personally never danced before and after attending, I felt like I have been out of a fun workout and most importantly, I definitely feel super good in my skin after dancing!

So, I definitely recommend attending, you are in the right place!

– Joanne

“J’ai participé à plusieurs reprises aux cours de danse virtuels de Nancy et j’ai adoré mon expérience. C’est une fille passionnée et elle rend chaque cours super divertissant. Elle est à l’écoute de nos besoins et prend le temps de bien nous expliquer chaque mouvement. Je recommande ses cours à tous ceux qui souhaitent bouger, danser, apprendre et se sentir bien.”

– Tania

For more dates and more information, it’s this way:

You’re joining us? Glad to hear that! What about sharing the word on Twitter? Healthier minds = healthier bodies and more people = more fun 😉

I’m pretty pumped to take part of Nancy’s next Virtual Class! It’s every week. Come with me! 🙂

If you prefer to watch videos when the time is better for you, or to replay them over and over again, NO PROBLEM!

I’m currently recording videos to teach you step by step how you can replicate the classes at home by yourself. Or simply, how to better understand each pose or each dance move.

Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel to get the notification whenever I release a new video!


AND HEY! to meet with fellow Rockstars, join our Facebook community. It can’t be any easier; click on this link, click join and you’ll be accepted within 24 hrs! I encourage people to share how the regular body love improved their lives, and also to share uplifting messages! We’re all like each others’ accountability partners.

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Be healthy, Be happy.

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