5 Adorable Cultural-Inspired Online Boutiques

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It's inevitable, fashion and our lifestyle are highly influenced by the cultures from all around the world. Funnily enough, even when we've never been! We appreciate the food, get inspired from fashion from abroad, and also decorate our living spaces with typical cultural elements - or a fusion between the traditional and the modern. Right?  Here are 4 adorable cultural-inspired online boutiques that we discovered.

When Art Meets Your Everyday Life: Discover These Artistic Earrings Brands

It's not a surprise, fashion is a medium of expression. Not a game changer here, right? The clothes we wear, the makeup we put on (or purposely not wearing it), the accessories we love, they all add up to build the image we want to project. That may support our personality, or sometimes even give us this confidence boost to fully be ourselves in this everyday battle that is life. Then, what about adding art to it?

Indulge Yourself in this Me-Time Night P.1

Being an introvert, I highly need to find energy again in some alone-time. You know, like a mask night with a warm hot chocolate, watching a movie. Who else can relate? So, here is a little list of ideas for your next me-time evening to recharge. Let's go! 

5 Online Earrings Brands You Need To Discover

Surprise, surprise! Earrings are pretty insane fashion accessories. They can be small, or very big. They can easily make a bold statement, share one's culture, or simply refine one's look. So here, we have 5 online earrings brands that you need to discover!

Cozy Winter Event P.2 // Happy Tummies for Happy Girls

You might have seen it; I organized an influencer event: Cozy Winter. Great times and great food! Here is what we ate and what you'd gain from discovering as well!

Cozy Winter Event P.1 // Candle Workshop

You might have seen it; I organized an influencer event where we celebrated the Holidays and even got to have a crafty workshop. Can you guess who was there? And what was the DIY project partner?

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