Fun Ways to Do Your Closet Spring Cleaning!

You may have started it as well; it's time for Spring Cleaning! (Yay!..?) Just did a big cleaning of my place, but also within my closet. So, how can we take advantage of those nice pieces of clothing? Sell them!

5 Adorable Cultural-Inspired Online Boutiques

artistic jewelry nomade

It's inevitable, fashion and our lifestyle are highly influenced by the cultures from all around the world. Funnily enough, even when we've never been! We appreciate the food, get inspired from fashion from abroad, and also decorate our living spaces with typical cultural elements - or a fusion between the traditional and the modern. Right? 

Here are 4 adorable cultural-inspired online boutiques that we discovered.

When Art Meets Your Everyday Life: Discover These Artistic Earrings Brands

It's not a surprise, fashion is a medium of expression. Not a game changer here, right? The clothes we wear, the makeup we put on (or purposely not wearing it), the accessories we love, they all add up to build the image we want to project. That may support our personality, or sometimes even give us this confidence boost to fully be ourselves in this everyday battle that is life. Then, what about adding art to it?

5 Fresh Spring Trends // 2019

Spring Trends 2019

The end of winter is in sight and it’s time to get inspired for spring fashion! Here are 4 spring trends you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe starting now!

NYFW Fall 19 // Our Faves Straight from the Runway

The Fall 2019 edition of New York Fashion Week has come to an end and we’ve been going crazy over the beauty and fashion images that have been popping up on our social media! We thought it’d be fun to hand pick some of our favorite looks. So, without further due, here they are!

Makeup and Nail Game on Point for NYFW F/W 2019

The 2019 edition of the Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week just launched and every year we wait in anticipation for pictures to be released so our eyes may be blessed by the gods of fashion & beauty! Here are a few suggestions of what nail and makeup we would rock if we were heading to the Big Apple.

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