Protein Banana Bread w/ Apple Spice

Here, I share with you my favorite apple pie recipes and my protein banana bread! Perfect when we need a solid snack on the go!

TIFF, NYFW Or Chocolate?

While everyone has been talking or is still talking about TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) or NYFW (New York Fashion Week), here I am thinking about Halloween already (lol!) And I know, I know, I am really early talking about this but hey, stores have been putting up Christmas decorations even before Halloween is done, so I guess I'm not that bad!


VLOG // Le cycle du M. P.1 (VF of The M. Circle P.1)

Okayyy les filles - et les gars aussi! - je dois faire une confession. Il faut vraiment que ça sorte. je viens de le découvrir et ça pourrait tellement faire une grande différence dans le cycle du M. et tu dois savoir ça!

VLOG // The M. Circle P.1

(Pour la version française, clique ici.) Okayyy ladies - and men too! - I need to confess something. Something that needs to get out of my body. Just discovered it. It could make a great difference in the M. Circle and you absolutely need to be in the loop about it! Okay. (Deep breath) Actually, …

VLOG // Weekly Rejuvenating Routine

Ever wanted to nail the natural look being actual naturally beautiful? I may not have the solution for you - not gonna pretend that I know everything, but simply sharing what I do on a weekly basis to rejuvenate my skin and get that natural glow!

Nice Body, No Budget

Maintaining a social life, school/work and being healthy can easily become a challenge. Then, what about keeping our body toned without spending all our time or money on it? That's something I'm 100% for!

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