Indulge Yourself in this Me-Time Night P.1

Being an introvert, I highly need to find energy again in some alone-time. You know, like a mask night with a warm hot chocolate, watching a movie. Who else can relate? So, here is a little list of ideas for your next me-time evening to recharge. Let’s go! 

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Let’s Talk; Potential Underlying Signs of Depression

Do you know someone who you think might be suffering from depression? Maybe you just need a moment to reflect on someone you care about. There has long since been a stigma around all mental illnesses. But let’s change that! The fact that it is so very common is all the more reason not to hide or be ashamed of it. Let’s see some underlying signs of depression to help you start the conversation and care about the ones you love.

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4 Weird Signs of Stress

Do you happen to know my dearest friend Stress? Ugh, obviously. So, it’s no secret; we all know the typical signs of stress like being tired, being irritable, not being able to focus. Yet, I have discovered 4 weird signs of stress on my body when my mind doesn’t want to accept it. Let me tell you about it and what I do to fix this.

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