Nice Body, No Budget

Maintaining a social life, school/work and being healthy can easily become a challenge. Then, what about keeping our body toned without spending all our time or money on it? That's something I'm 100% for!

4 Weird Signs of Stress

Do you happen to know my dearest friend Stress? Ugh, obviously. So, it's no secret; we all know the typical signs of stress like being tired, being irritable, not being able to focus. Yet, I have discovered 4 weird signs of stress on my body when my mind doesn't want to accept it. Let me tell you about it and what I do to fix this.



Young asian woman not happy

Failing. Defeated. Lost. The list could go on and on. Not reaching our goal is unfortunately a reality in life. I've been through it recently and I've struggled, even now, to be fully 100% over it. What should I do? What do you recommend?

Food for Thoughts: Bringing Ourselves Down

Mountains with text in front Food For Thoughts, Bringing ourselves down

I recently realized that I was putting myself down. Why? Why do we keep doing it? And how can something so "trivial" affect us that much?

My Top 5 Tips: What Is It?

PhamTribe Intro to Top 5 Tips with typewriter

Across the PhamTribe blog, you'll often see posts like "Top 5 Tips". Let me explain what it consists of, and what it can do for you. Then, let the journey begin!

TOP 5 TIPS from the book #GirlBoss: What Did Nasty Gal Have To Say?

Drawing of Sophia Amaruso with glasses written GirlBoss

Are you a #girlboss? I have no doubt that you are. Here are my Top 5 Tips from the book #GirlBoss by the founder of Nasty Gal. Are you ready to take control of your life?

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