Party Without Gaining Weight!

alcohol drinks cocktails summertime

I’ve long thought that those who said to be careful were fools and that I was healthy enough not to be affected by alcohol that way. I WAS THE FOOL. So, time to prepare for this upcoming season!

I’ve got a few tips for you that I’ve been using so far that have been very helpful to let me enjoy my nights yet at the same time, not worry about gaining weight. Check it out!




In this video, I talk about a few little things. Let me share a bit more about them right here.

1. My love for a certain beer.


Honestly, I never would have thought that I would proudly wear a beer logo on me, especially when I tasted the first one! (Let’s be honest, beer is an acquired taste. No matter what people say, they never truly liked it at first.)

2 Beer pints on a wood table

My interest for this beer first started when my dad brought home mittens by Carlsberg. I was like, “You really like that beer that much that you’re gonna wear these?” I really thought my dad was crazy and tacky. Oh well. Who would have thought that a few years later in Copenhagen I would buy not only a hat, but also 2 pins of it? When life laughs back at you. #oops

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the photo of the day that I had bought these, but here is one of my favorite beer by Carlsberg (which own Tuborg). And actually, so Carlsberg is originally from Copenhagen, so I even got the chance to go to the Carlsberg museum!

Carlsberg Tuborg Beer Can

2. How to make a “healthy” cocktail

Here is my recipe for a healthier version of a cocktail. Obviously, this means that you kind of need to get used to the less sugary taste, especially if you don’t like drinking hard liquor straight up, AND ESPECIALLY if your hard liquor is not of good quality!

Alcohol in a cocktail with ice and citrus


  • White hard liquor of choice such as Tequila, Vodka or Gin
  • Sparkling water – either in a bottle or make it yourself with a soda stream! Here is the link to get the one that so many of my friends have:
  • Lime or lemon juice, optional


  1. Mix all the ingredients together with the proportions that suit you
  2. Enjoy!

3. The artist and the clip that inspired Tip 3

I don’t have any credit for tip 3. Honestly. I simply saw it when I watched a video of the behind-the-scenes of Ed Sheeran as he was preparing for his Thinking Out Loud music video release. I was pretty surprised about it, but found it pretty ingenious, isn’t it?

Here is the video of his behind-the-scenes.


Here is the final result. Pretty good, right?




So, there you go! You’re all set up to enjoy your parties and celebrate this summer with less worries about gaining weight because of it. I have been using these tips for about a year now and have gradually lost weight (or at least reduced the weight I would have gained!)

What about YOUR tricks to avoid gaining weight?

So, this is not about losing weight, it’s about being able to maintain it as we increase our sugar input because of alcohol. ‘Cause, you know, we totally deserve to celebrate that the semester is over right? see you next time, on another post within the PhamTribe!

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