Nice Body, No Budget


So, I’ve thought of some ways to ensure to have at least some sports or physical activities included in my routine. And like, one of the most important parts was that I absolutely DID NOT want to go to the gym.

Let’s be honest, the gym is not for everyone.

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Obviously, you don’t necessarily need to invest in the accessories I’ve mentioned. They’re add-ons that can very well enhance your experience and make sure that you can focus on activating your body. And they last much longer than the membership at the gym! So, why not?

For way #1

(hihi keeping some mystery here)

  1. Get your LED Armbands: click here.
    About $13
  2. Get your Reflective Armbands: click here.
    About $10

Exercise, tieing shows

For way #2

  1. Same armbands as above (or for your ankles)
  2. SymbolLife Helmet – Matte: click here.
    About $25 – there are other colors, but you know… black 😉
  3. Nutcase Helmet – Matte: click here.
    About $89 – again other colors, but here I linked the black one.

*** Don’t forget to choose the right size for your head!

sidewalk with bute bike

For way #3

  1. Marble Design Mat: click here.
    About $32 – there are multiple other designs by the same company too.
  2. A more “introductory” mat: click here.
    About $18 – and this is the exception; I’d rather not have it black.

Active Aerobic Women

So, which activity.ies will you choose?

And do you have other ideas? Let’s talk about it!

Here is the video if you’ve missed it.


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