Temporary Tattoos: How To Make Your Inkbox Last

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Inkbox temporary tattoos are interesting, aren’t they? Only take a few minutes, and then you have a new tattoo that lasts a couple of days! But how to make them stay longer? I’ve got some tips for you! Tested and Nancy Approved 🙂

But before we move any further, you’re wondering what I am talking about? “Temporary tattoos”? “Inkbox”? Check out my post about them HERE.

Now that this has been settled, let’s get down to business! Yes that is quite cool to have a tattoo that lasts about 2 weeks, but you don’t want your 2nd week to be like, “meh”.

Not like this. At this point like, better exfoliate the s*** out of it and get a new one! haha Props to anyone who can still recognize the shape!


For this one, I had used the “More-complicated-but-so-cool” ink option from Inkbox. You can read more about it on my other post (HERE), on my IG stories (HERE) or stay tuned because I will make a video outlining all the steps I went through on my Youtube channel (HERE).

And that is with the freehand ink option. You draw. You wait. You enjoy!
Get your freehand ink: click HERE.

Here is how it looked before. Muchhhh darker.




Then, let’s get these 7 tips going!

Tip #1: Exfoliate prior to making your tattoo

The principle of Inkbox tattoos – or any tattoos actually – is that it goes into your skin and stays there well, because your skin is still there. So, as long as your skin doesn’t go away and doesn’t move, the tattoo stays the same, and not sluggish.

THE THING IS, we are living being and our cells regenerate. So, you want to take off the dead skin out first before putting the ink, so that it directly goes onto new cells that will stay longer 🙂

Tip #2: Do it on a hairless section

Pretty straightforward, you don’t want the ink to stick to the hair, but to your skin.

Tip #3: DO NOT exfoliate your tattoo once it’s done!

Do it only before doing your Inkbox. Same principle, you want the ink and the skin to stay there. So you don’t want to accelerate the skin going away by exfoliating it! Of course, please DO shower though haha. I just for example put soap on my hand and then gently washed the skin over my tattoo with my hand. I didn’t use the soap bar directly on my skin, nor would I recommend using the shower sponge as it may be rougher on your skin than your hand.

The soap brand I used was Nuphar, a natural hand made and local soap brand 🙂 You can shop their AMAZING soaps right HERE and you can get 15% off with the code NANCY15 at check out. YAY!


Although I used that brand, absolutely not mandatory to do so. Just make sure that it doesn’t have those exfoliating scrubs in it and that it is pretty soft on the skin. Ideally, it would be moisturizing too.

Tip #4: Pat dry, do not rub

Talking about the shower, once you get out, really pat the towel on your Inkbox tattoo section. You don’t want to rub and take off more skin than necessary, which will make it go away faster.

Unless that is what you want! Haha, like me at this point as the tattoo is almost gone.

Tip #5: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Your skin will rarely be over-moisturized, especially at this time of the year! Putting the heat on, the cold outside & the change of weather highly dries up your skin. And what does dry skin mean? Dead skin that will fly away. Which we don’t want.

So, put a moisturizer right after the shower. That is all I did and that might be more than regular habits for most people. But if you want to take extra care of it, moisturize it day and night!

This is the moisturizer I used by Yves Rocher, $25 – Olive oil one (click HERE). You want to make sure that it’s really nourishing yet again, you can use anyone you’d like.

Tip #6: Be careful with your clothes

Try to choose clothes that won’t rub onto your skin. Okay I KNOW, it’s cold and you want to protect your legs ’cause, well we don’t want to be freezing outside.

STILL, try to choose materials that are silkier, or softer, or that it’s not that tight and moving as you’re walking throughout the day. Jeans are some of the worst examples actually haha! They are rough, often tight, and rarely not move.

Skirts and dresses are much better! The tights don’t move as much and is silkier. Yet again, you need to balance how cold it is outside because you don’t want the cold to dry your skin faster either!

AHHHH the struggle haha


Tip #7: Do another Inkbox 😉

If you still like it and you want a fuller color, do it again!

Good luck though if you had purchased a premade one and now will try to add another premade one on top. haha. Still, why not?

Browse their designs HERE.

Otherwise, what I recommend, whether you’ve drawn it yourself with the Freehand Ink or bought a design, use the Freehand Ink on top of it! You already have the drawing on your skin, where you want it, to guide you in drawing just on top!

If you want to know how to do that, I’ll be dropping a Youtube video in the next few weeks. If you can’t wait until then, check out my IG highlights right HERE.

IMG_9460 (1).jpg

So, ready to get inked?

Let me know in the comments which design you decide to do!
And if you post it on insta, tag me @withnancypham 😉

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