V-Day Fun Date Ideas (more than the typical ones)

Out of ideas for your next date? Or you want to make V-day special but you’re not necessarily a cheesy person? We’ve got you covered!

Even though there are a lot of girls/women who say they don’t like Valentine’s Day – single or not – about 58% of them still say that celebration is important to them. So for the half of females who do want a good V-day, here’s a list of some fun date ideas – original ones this time! And the good thing is, you can probably do them from all around the world and not necessarily with your S.O., but also as Galentine’s 😉

red and black flowers
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Here’s a summary of what you’ll get in this series. For now, you’ll only get the first part. But stay tuned! The other ones are coming up soon! (and thank God, these dates ideas are not only for V-day – what a sad world that would be)

  1. For the Active Ones
  2. For Some Nice Drinks
  3. For the Foodies
  4. For the Secret Eternal Romantics (we know it makes you cringe but you know you love it!)

Also, we’ve added some recommendations for spots around Montreal, but these can definitely be done anywhere in the world! #childrenoftheworld

silhouette of two person standing during nighttime
Photo by Yuting Gao on Pexels.com

For the Active Ones

You’ve Got the Moves?

Or you’re game to try new moves? Go take a dance class! Don’t just go to your regular dancing bar or the club. Maybe this time, change it up and sign up to a dance class together!

It could be some swing or African dance for a happy night. Or get a bit sensual with salsa or even, tango! Who knows, you may discover some hidden talents?

Sign Up for one dance class night at Studio Bizz in Montreal HERE.
Here’s an example of a hip hop dance class by the amazing Lea!

Also, drop ins (classes which you can simply come as you wish – drop into the classes that you want so no commitment for a full semester) are mostly quite cheap. Often between 15 and 25$. So fun times and exercise, a real 2-in-1!

Ready to Bring Out Your Inner Katniss Everdeen?

It’s been pretty popular for a couple of years now, playing DodgeBow is a lot of fun! If you don’t know what DodgeBow is, no worries. You’ll understand in 2 seconds.

Basically, it’s like dodgeball. So you have 2 teams, each on their own side of the court, trying to “kill” (aka hit with the ball – this time the arrow) all the other members of the opposite team before your team gets killed. And don’t worry, you have protection and the arrows actually have very soft and spongy ends. Much better than paintball!

accuracy action active activity
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Similarly to a dance class, you get to play and have a lot of fun with your partner! Only thing to note, you won’t be alone, obviously, as you need to make 2 teams. But that is a great first activity before moving to part 2 of the date 😉

Oh, and you probably won’t be that cute with your helmet, but what a great idea for an active duo!

Try DodgeBow in Montreal HERE.

Embrace the Cold Winter

We couldn’t have gone through a list of active dates ideas without mentioning this: go skating! Of course, depending on how cute you want it to be, you could go skating at the Old Port of Montreal (the Natrel ice rink). Or obviously, you can go to any of the local ice rinks, or even play hockey!

Here, dear friend, why were you in a skirt without tights in the middle of winter?
You can have all the information about the Natrel ice rink in Old Montreal HERE.

For those ready to brace the cold, we found the trick of adding some hot pads in your shoes (or skates), mittens and coat pockets! A great way to add some heat when the cold starts getting through – and who would want the cold to ruin a date?

For example, you can get these ones HERE, that you can start activating on-the-go when you need it most 🙂

There is also the Enchanted Forest – about an hour and a half drive from Montreal before Quebec City – a great idea for outdoor enthusiasts! It’s basically a trail in the woods but instead of walking, well, you get to skate! You can go either during the day or enjoy it at night and enjoy the reflection of the moonlight on the ice. A very special experience.

Get all the info about the Enchanted Forest trail HERE.

people skating
Photo by Benjamin Cruz on Pexels.com

Lastly, apparently, in Amsterdam, when it gets really cold, the Dam freezes enough that they open it for people to skate on. Imagine, skating on the canal throughout the city!

If you can’t believe it, check out the story about Winter 2018 – the first time people could skate on the canals of Amsterdam since 2012 HERE.

Embrace the Cold Winter #2

Go skiing!

If you don’t know how to downhill ski or snowboard, that could be the perfect timing for your S.O. to be the “nice” teacher and create some “skin” touching moments between the 2 of you. And the exhilarating and freeing feeling of going down is worth it – unless you break a leg – or 4 teeth like I did. #oops. So be careful!

action adult adventure beautiful
Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.com

Or if you’re not up for the challenge, there is always cross-country skiing. Super easy for even the beginner. It’s like a fast walk in the forest – and much cheaper than downhill ski!

Again, we recommend hot pads for this activity, just in case your body heat is not enough.

Find Cross Country Skiing spots in Montreal HERE.

Aim for the Stars, You’ll Land On the Moon?

Go outside the city and enjoy the beauty of nature at night: the stars. Check out how beautiful they are once we can actually see them. The city can trick us in making us think there are only a few little stars out there. But we only see the stronger ones. There are way more than we think, once we set ourselves to see them!

(wow this can actually sound quite deep if we think about how we see success and happiness in our lives – or is it too far of an analogy?)

So this photo was taken at the Jacques-Cartier National Park in Quebec (find more about it HERE). But there is also the Mont Mégantic National Park closer to Montreal that not only lets you see the stars, but if the stars are aligned (sorry for the pun), you can even get to see planets such as Jupiter and Saturn!

Find more about the Mont Mégantic Park and the astronomy observatory HERE.

Walk Your Way Up To Their Heart?

Related to the previous idea, well, before arriving to your stargazing spot, you can enjoy a little (or not) hike with you S.O. There are plenty of walking trails or little mountains around the city that you can enjoy.

The good news is, if you walk enough, you won’t even feel the cold!

And it can become a little escapade outside the city. With a nice little cottage just for the 2 of you, making a nice dinner and gazing at the stars – or at each other 😉


Have more active date ideas? Share them below! We’d love to add to our list (and bucket list).


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On this note, PEACE!



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