INSIDE NYFW2020 // Style Pointe Alternative Fashion Show

You know it, I have been supporting emerging entrepreneurs and artists since my humble blogging beginning. With the belief that things can be changed; stories, rewritten; futures, transformed. When attending the prestigious New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2020, that didn’t change. It is an absolute pleasure to share the word about Style Pointe, this fashion show which mingles together 2 constantly evolving forms of art: fashion and dance.

Style Pointe Contemporary Dance Fashion Show Candles

Dance? Yes, you read it right. This alternative runway show – should we say, performance – was inspiring in multiple ways. From the soft and romantic designs to amazing choreographies to the strong statement that all ages and body shaped belonged to fashion and dance too! Quite refreshing.

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The Concept?

Showcasing the designs from emerging designers on dancers, who would present them in ways rarely seen during regular runway shows. How often will you see the models jump and twirl, bring their legs up to create beautiful lines and most importantly, expressing deep emotions?

Refreshing indeed. Also very interesting as you truly see how big you can make a movement in that piece of clothing, and how it will react to you living in them. Mesmerizing and instructive 😉

Style Pointe Girl Back Rectangle Fashion

It was an intimate presentation. We were probably around two dozens of media guests, invited to attend this special show. Such an honor to see 2 great interests of mine combined.

What About the Designs?

This was actually initiated by a design competition for which chosen applicants would be paired with a choreographers. Together, they worked to showcase the creative process of designing these pieces. The designs were then tailored to allow such wide movements, very different than what we are used to on high fashion runway shows.

Read an interview I did with the fashion designer Any Haber.

Not all of the designs were of my taste, I’ve got to say, but that is meant to happen during any runway show. However, I can surely confirm that some of these designs were my favorites by far among all of my NYFW 2020 experience. By far. So much I still dream of them.

Style Pointe Contemporary Dance Fashion Candles 4 girls

Style Pointe Beige Design Blue Design Contemporary Dual Pose

Which Dance Style Was It?

There was a mix but it was leaning more towards the classical and lyrical genres. For those less familiar with dance, think more of ballet and contemporary, where elegance and emotions fill the room. The materials being mostly flowy, light, feminine, these styles were appropriate to tell the right story.

Read a NYFW Interview I did with the designer Carter Young.

Then, time to talk about the choreographies! These magnificently highlighted the designs. We got immersed into the designers’ stories; it felt like getting an insider scoop about them. They added another dimension to the experience as they allowed to create a deeper connection with the designs. When you like a choreography, you like the designs even more, and vice-versa. Bravo to the choreographers!

Style Pointe African Dance Fashion 3 dancers

Style Pointe African Dance Fashion

Last but not least, it may not have been intentional but I absolutely loved to see how people of different ages and body shapes were proudly featuring the pieces of clothing. You could see men and women, with model-like bodies as well as more muscular or everyday-person kind of body! That showcased even more the versatility of the designs as often, we hesitate of trying a new style, thinking it only belongs to a certain body type.

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As for age, these designs were meant to be timeless. How better to express that than to present them on various levels of life experience?

This fashion show definitely stood out from the crowd among all of NYFW SS2020. By the concept, the designs and the people. Congratulations to all the designers and choreographers, I will definitely be back for more about Style Pointe!

Check out their website here.

Check out their instagram here.


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